Community Benefits of Watson Ranch

Economic Engine

  • The Napa Valley Ruins & Gardens will provide 650 full and part-time jobs.
  • The Napa Valley Ruins & Gardens will generate significant Sales and Transit Occupancy Tax (TOT) creating an economic engine that will provide revenue to American Canyon for years to come.

Outdoor Recreation

  • The River to Ridge Trail will be extended from Rio Del Mar Road to the Newell Open Space (which contains 640 acres), completing the east/west connection through American Canyon.
  • The Napa Valley Vine Trail will continue from St. Helena to the Watson Ranch southern boundary at Vintage Ranch, extending the north/south connection for 1.42 miles.
  • 35 acres of public and private parks, a community plaza, trails, and open space areas (including wetlands surrounded by trails and open space) will substantially increase recreational opportunities within the Watson Ranch.
  • 30 acres of land adjoining Watson Ranch will be developed by American Canyon as a regional park.
  • Watson Ranch will contribute a 10-acre site where a new elementary school will be built for 625 K-5 students generated by the Watson Ranch development and adjoining Vintage Ranch, allowing children from Vintage Ranch to attend school closer to home.
  • In addition to the land contribution, Watson Ranch will make financial contributions in excess of $18 million toward funding of this new elementary school and a new middle school for American Canyon students.


  • Watson Ranch will build public infrastructure including recycled water systems, a water tank, and improvements to the sanitary sewer system. Much of the public infrastructure built by Watson Ranch will benefit not only the residents of Watson Ranch but all American Canyon residents.
  • Watson Ranch will dedicate and build the roadway to extend Newell Drive from its terminus to the Watson Ranch northern boundary.
  • Watson Ranch will build Rio del Mar roadway and a railroad undercrossing from State Route 29 to the Newell Drive extension.