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Watson Ranch will be a vibrant and unique Napa Valley community, as well as a world-class destination. It will be a source of civic pride and provide expansive community benefits for the citizens of American Canyon. It will stimulate economic activity, generate revenue and create recreational opportunities. Your support can help make this happen!

Ways you can support the Watson Ranch Project:

• Attend City Council meetings and express your support.

• Contact City Council Members to voice your support for this project.

• Contact us to share your enthusiasm and your ideas.

We hope you’re excited about all the opportunities that are provided by the Watson Ranch Project. We’re eager to continue the discussion and hear your ideas about what you’d like to see there. By signing our support page, you are sending a message that you want the project to succeed.



What others have said about the project:

“There are moments in time when citizens come together to bring vision to reality. The vision rallies individuals to deliver a reality that meets the needs of the greater community, creates something lasting and meaningful, and is a mark of civic pride and achievement. A recent example is American Canyon High School, the long awaited, state-of-the-art campus that is the envy of the region. Watson Ranch is our next moment in time. It is a project that will finally deliver on a Town Center that will usher in a new era of economic activity, give us access to new parks and long-denied access to open space, and create a sense of place for our community to shop, gather and enjoy – all without ever leaving the City limits. The Watson Ranch development will not only help make American Canyon better, but it will also help make it one of the Bay Area’s great cities. It is a project we should all support.”

–The Oro Family
American Canyon Family


“American Canyon is a great community, but still fairly new in terms of being a city. We are still missing some notable staples of most Napa Valley communities; in particular, a true “town center” where families, neighbors and visitors can gather to enjoy our beautiful surroundings, a community garden space to grow food and provide recreation, and an outdoor retail space where we can hear music, drink coffee, and enjoy the beautiful area which we all call home – all within easy walking or biking distance. For me, the new Town Center initiative checks all these boxes, and promises to significantly raise our quality of living. I am excited to help this plan move forward.”

–Joy Hilton
American Canyon Moms Club, Napa County Local Food Council, Parent, American Canyon Resident


“This is a fabulous development for American Canyon. It brings real promise for a central place for play, recreation, culture, and neighborhood gathering. Kudos to the developers for their perseverance in bringing the project to fruition.”

– Becky Peterson
Napa Valley Vintners


“This is a very exciting proposal at the ruins site. We have been waiting for this a long time. Retiring folks would like to see some housing options where they don’t need to drive to get to restaurants, shops and entertainment..”

– Anthony Quicho
President, FilAm of American Canyon


“The American Canyon Chamber of Commerce is a strong supporter of the Watson Ranch Project. We believe this important project will positively impact our members and the entire business community by bringing new business and visitors to American Canyon. More importantly, it will create a “sense of place” for residents, transforming an area long dormant into the vibrant cultural center of the city. We look forward to working with the developers to bring this important project to life!”

– James Cooper
President and CEO, American Canyon Chamber of Commerce


“Can’t wait…”

– Fran Lemon
Resident of American Canyon for 68 years!


“Please lets start right away. It is a great opportunity to grow the right way and showcase all that we offer.”

– Christina Ramirez
American Canyon Resident


“I am so excited that American Canyon is growing and is still keeping it family orientated.”

– Katiria Rodriguez
American Canyon Resident


“We have been here 12 years and want so much to feel proud of our community. We are not there yet but feel that it is coming. We are hoping we can hang on. We are in a great location, we have great weather, and there are many good people. We need some meeting places. Some good restaurants and a place to go for happy hour. It is all about getting the right businesses that want to be here that have a stake in the community.”

– Joan Henshaw
American Canyon Resident


We are excited about this project and believe it will anchor and really define the city. We love the community and this project will fill in several “missing pieces” – more retail establishments and restaurants, and a center for community activities. The opportunities are endless! I would love to see a farmer’s market!

–Cathy Wieder
American Canyon Resident


This is exactly what’s needed in American Canyon! Love the idea.”

– Cinnamon Williams
American Canyon Resident


My family and I bought our house in late 2007 knowing that the Watson Ranch (a.k.a Town Center back then) was being planned that would include retail and residential structures. It was exciting to know that there were plans within the horizon until the recession hit. Since then, everything was put on a hold until the economy recovered. In the meantime, as much as we tried to stay local to support local businesses, it was a challenge to stay within city limits because there were only a limited number of restaurants, and other businesses, to choose from. With future retail being developed, we can eventually stay local rather than travel to nearby cities such as Napa. This development would reinvigorate the city and motivate us to stay and support local businesses. This has been long awaited for!!!

– The Bombay-Lee Family
American Canyon Family


Having lived in American Canyon since middle school – I am a second year at UC Davis now – it would be great to see this area of the city put to good use. I think it’s a great idea, as I believe it has a large amount of potential to be a catalyst for a cultural progression of American Canyon. Yes, there are the economical benefits but I think the most important thing is this idea of growing American Canyon.”

– Henry Le
American Canyon Resident


It’s about time.

– Vo Thy
American Canyon Resident


When are you going to start building? American Canyon needs a downtown center/area now.”

– Ralph Roldan
American Canyon Resident


Can’t wait! Very excited to see this happen. American Canyon growing in the right direction!

–Vicki Brown Lopez
American Canyon Resident


As American Canyon is growing and maturing into its own identity, it is essential we get this project moving. We are in desperate need for a local community hub/town square area. Our schools are suffering as a result from overcrowding. We have approved for more homes to be built, but haven’t begun building new schools. This project will give our community something to be proud of and somewhere to be. I fully support this project and cannot wait to see it completed!”

– Mandy Le
American Canyon Resident


“Millions​ ​of visitors from all over the world pass American Canyon to visit​ ​Napa, Sonoma, Calistoga, etc. What a great way to put us on the​ ​map!”​

– Vicki Corpus
American Canyon Resident

​”​It will be great for our community.”

– Derik Vides
American Canyon Resident


There is nowhere to shop in AmCan! This can’t launch fast enough!!!

– Carlene Cordova
American Canyon Resident


“My family and I would love to be permanent residents of American Canyon by purchasing an affordable home in the area. I am eager to know about what Watson Ranch has to offer in terms of housing. Thank you!”

– Jennie Pangilinan
American Canyon Resident


“My wife and I are excited about a new Town Center. This new center will bring visitors on there way to Napa. This is a long time coming.”

– Steve Hazelton
American Canyon Resident


“I have been a resident for nearly 40 years and have lived directly across the highway from the proposed Watson Ranch, formerly known as the Town Center. I have been a supporter of this project from the very beginning, almost 20 years. I have seen American Canyon grow from a small community to a wonderful family community. Many changes have taken place, the most notable is the American Canyon High School, which has greatly enhanced our city. The Watson Ranch is what is needed here for our economic growth and the amenities that it will provide will benefit not only the residents, but visitors as well. I am very excited to see this project become a reality. Along with a meeting place for the locals to get together, ability for visitors to see the beauty of our valley, and a new school that is badly needed for our community. This project will offer an unlimited amount of pleasure with parks, outdoor amphitheater, food, lodging and more.”

– Beth Marcus
American Canyon Resident


“American Canyon has so much to offer. The Watson Ranch proposal takes American Canyon to the next level and begins to fill in the gaps of what American Canyon is lacking, providing additional local gathering, shopping and entertainment. I’m excited about the opportunities this project presents for our small town and our children.”

– Andrea Long
American Canyon Resident


“We are very excited about this project and we believe this is exactly what American Canyon needs to bring the community together.”

– Julie Angold
American Canyon Resident


“Wonderful that 2016 shovels are about to begin, it’s been a long process for all and my family and I are with you in your advancement of the project.”

– Cori Badertscher
American Canyon Resident


“I think the Watson Ranch Project is a much needed and appreciated one.”

– Jaime Navarro
American Canyon Resident